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9-Let's Pause here!

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it is important to know that the instigators who exploited this marriage to harm prophet muhammad – peace be upon him – have relied on the ignorance of people about the details of such marriage and tried to gain the sympathy of the western people toward aisha as if she was an american girl in the 21st century and was deprived of her childhood, while the actual facts are totally different. it is not logical to compare the american or western girl in the 21st century with an eastern arabian girl before 1400 years. this is totally illogical because it is misleading and causing misunderstanding reality; therefore it will lead to misjudgment. if such criticizers want the prophet – peace be upon him – before 14 centuries to marry according to the american or western customs in the 21st century, it is then their own affair; they cannot impose their own principles on generations preceding them several hundreds of years. it is not logical to issue judgments on the old generations according to circumstances which they did not live or participate or establish. moreover, such criticizers did not compare the marriage of the prophet – peace be upon him – and aisha – may allah be pleased with her – with the realty & customs of several western and christian countries after hundreds of years and did not compare it with the marriage in the jewish religion which allowed the marriage of a child when she attain three years and one day only. therefore, this demonstrates the incredibility of such criticizers and discharges the prophet – peace be upon him – from their fabricated allegations and falsifications. it is worth mentioning here also that several prophets – peace be upon them – were very old and married young virgin girls. the bible mentioned that dawood (david) – peace be upon him - was old and caught cold and was not able to warm himself in spite of wearing heavy clothes. kings1, the first chapter, stated:

 "when king david was old and well advanced in years, he could not keep warm even when they put covers over him.  so his servants said to him, “let us look for a young virgin to attend the king and take care of him. she can lie beside him so that our lord the king may keep warm. then they searched throughout israel for a beautiful girl and found abishag, a shunammite, and brought her to the king. ”


it is a very clear picture; prophet dawood (david) – peace be upon him - was very old; however, they searched for him a virgin girl tens of years younger than him in order to keep him warm. such verses are speaking about sexual meanings such as warming prophet dawood – peace be upon him – using a young beautiful virgin girl, as stated in the verses! so, why don't such people who instigate against islam look at this issue and consider it rape? why don't the western media speak about such event the way they speak about the marriage of the prophet – peace be upon him – and aisha? the reason is simple; the purpose of such criticism is not such marriage cases or relationships; contrary, they are seeking to distort the picture of islam only, instigating against it and making people hate this religion and its followers! but the truth will appear some day, and people will surely discover the malicious goals and methods of such instigators.

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