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Muhammad's Policy after Uhud

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after uhud, abu sufyan returned to makkah preceded by the news of his victory. he arrived home exalted and overjoyed for having removed from quraysh the stain of defeat at badr. as soon as he entered the city and before setting foot in his residence, he went to the ka'bah where he offered thanksgiving and prayers to its high god hubal. he then shaved his sideburns and returned to his residence feeling that the vow he had made not to touch his wife until he had defeated muhammad had now been fulfilled. the muslims, on the other hand, despite the fact that they spent three whole days in the open, challenging their enemy to return and engage them without avail, were derided by the madinese. nobody mentioned, the muslim victory in the first round of battle. evidently, madinah was simply not favorable to the muslims, muhammad's great political power notwithstanding. the prophet-may god's peace and blessing be upon him-felt this hostility strongly, not only from madinah but also from all the surrounding arab tribes who only a few days earlier feared and respected muslim power. the battle of uhud had enabled the non-muslim elements of madinah and its surroundings to dare to stand in the face of muhair mad and even to oppose him. hence muhammad took especial care to keep himself abreast of developments within and without the city, and he prepared himself for recapturing and reestablishing muslim power and reputation.

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