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Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)

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in the qur'an, we find a detailed account of the experiences of yusuf, peace be upon him. here, we will describe them shortly and see the exemplary character of yusuf.

yusuf was one of the sons of ya'qub, peace be upon them both. when he was very young, his brothers threw him into a well because they were jealous of him, and they told their father that a wolf had eaten him.


travellers in a caravan found him in the well and sold him at the palace of a nobleman in egypt. there, he was later slandered and sent to prison, where he remained for years.

he was ultimately found innocent and released. being a very wise and reliable person and because he was completely exonerated, the ruler of egypt placed the treasuries and storehouses under his authority.


ultimately, yusuf forgave his brothers who had exposed him to cruelty and brought them and their father and mother to live with him. yusuf, peace be upon him, had an exemplary character. allah put him to the test in various ways, rescued him from a well from which it was impossible to escape, rescued him from an evil situation by sending

him to prison and then rescued him from the prison and restored his good name, finally granting him high rank. in every situation, yusuf, peace be upon him, turned towards allah and prayed to him. despite his innocence he remained in prison for several years, yet he never forgot that this was a trial from allah. in prison, he always spoke of allah's might and grandeur to the people around him. his loyalty and trust in allah under such harsh conditions shows us his excellent character.



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