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Prophet 'Isa (Jesus)

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allah created 'isa, peace be upon him, in a special way. as in the example of adam, allah created him without a father. this is related in the qur'an as follows:



the likeness of 'isa in allah's sight is the same as adam. he created him from earth and then he said to him, "be!" and he was. (surah al 'imran: 59)


in the qur'an, 'isa, peace be upon him, is referred to as the "son of maryam." maryam (mary) was a noble woman who is shown by allah to all women as an example. she was a very chaste woman and a devoted believer in allah. allah gave her 'isa through the angel jibril, miraculously without a father, and the glad tidings that her son would become a prophet.


allah made 'isa a prophet and revealed to him the injil, one of the revealed books allah sent to mankind. (after the disappearance of 'isa, the injil was also altered by people. today, we do not have the original injil, and the books the christians call the gospels are not really reliable.)

allah ordered 'isa to summon people to the true path and granted him many miracles. he spoke when he was in the cradle and told people about allah. 'isa also gave the glad tidings of muhammad (ahmad), may allah bless him and grant him peace, the messenger of allah to succeed him, which is related in the qur'an as follows:

and when 'isa son of maryam said, "tribe of israel, i am the messenger of allah to you, confirming the torah which came before me and giving you the good news of a messenger after me whose name is ahmad." when he brought them the clear signs,

they said, "this is downright magic." (surat as-saff: 6) in his time, there were very few people who believed in 'isa or helped him. the enemies of 'isa devised plots to kill him. they thought that they had captured and crucified him. but, in the qur'an, allah relates

to us that they did not kill him:


…and their saying, "we killed the messiah, 'isa son of maryam, messenger of allah." they did not kill him and they did not crucify him but it was made to seem so to them. those who argue about him are in doubt about it. they have no real knowledge of it, just conjecture. but they certainly did not kill him. (surat an-nisa: 157)

after the disappearance of 'isa, peace be upon him, his enemies tried to change the revelation he had brought. they started to portray 'isa and maryam as supernatural beings, and even as "gods." still today, there are those who hold these false beliefs. in the words of 'isa, allah informs us in the qur'an that these are wrong beliefs: and when allah says, " 'isa son of maryam! did you say to people, 'take me and my mother as gods besides allah?'" he will say, "glory be to you! it is not for me to say what i have no right to say! if i had said it, then you would have known it. you know what is in my self but i do not know what is in your self.

you are the knower of all unseen things. i said to them nothing but what you ordered me to say: 'worship allah, my lord and your lord.' i was a witness against them as long as i remained among them, but when you took me back to you, you were the one watching over them. you are witness of all things." (surat al-ma'ida: 116-117)

after his disappearance, the number of people who believed in him increased considerably, but today they are on the wrong path because they follow the bible, which has been altered through additions and deletions.

the only right path remaining today is the path that the prophet muhammad, may allah bless him and grant him peace, summoned us to, which is communicated in the qur'an, because it is the only unaltered revelation of allah.

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