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The Prophet and Children

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if we read about the way our prophet muhammad (pbuh) was bringing up his kids we will be surprised.

how the prophet could infuse faith and the islamic beliefs in his kids' hearts to become a living example in their characters from their very early lives?


see how fatima, the youngest daughter of the prophet may allah's blessings and peace be upon him. when she saw her father prostrating to allah and the disbelievers putting the camel's bowels over his back, she went and remove it from his back saying -although she was so young- :"are you killing a man saying my lord is allah?" none could make what she did.


do any of our kids (boys or girls) do what she did?

notice that she was speaking to very cruel, ill-hearted people at the kaaba without any fear, while at that time girls were afraid to be at the same places of that of men. but she was so brave although the situation was very difficult.


can we bring up our kids the same way like our prophet did?


our prophet, may allah's blessings be upon him never treated his children cruelly or rudely as most of muslims think.


the love with which our messenger was treating his daughter fatma when she was young?

he was lifting her up towards the sky and catching her again in his hands several times. he then said:

"she is like myrtles with a nice smell…may allah support her living".

although his being busy with his mission, but this was his way of treating his kids, peace be upon him.


this is our messenger


our prophet with his grandsons; al hassan and al hussein:

when they were playing at the messenger's house, the prophet used to play with them   by getting out his tongue tip then returning it back in his mouth again and closing his teeth, and by doing this game again and again they were trying to catch his tongue with their little mouths.

so they were happy and pleased enjoying playing with their dear grandfather (pbuh).

can anyone understand why our messenger used to do that with them?


our messenger was the mercy upon his kids and upon all mankind


the prophet with one of his daughters:

the prophet was with some arabic legations inviting them to embrace islam, his daughter sent to him a message- because her son was dying- saying: "your daughter wants you to come". but he waited…. so she sent again to him: "i swear to god for you to come"…..the second time he realized that there is something important, so he left the meeting to reply her call.


the prophet with his daughter zainab:

her daughter zeinab, as being married to a man from quraish who was  still a polytheist, was prevented from migrating to madinah with her father. when her husband was captured in badr battle, zainab sent a necklace of her mother khadija (may allah be pleased with her) to her father.

when he saw it, he cried and said: "this is the necklace of khadija ", and asked his followers to set his son-in-law free and to send back the necklace to his daughter zainab.



our messenger (pbuh) loved his kids and was good in treating them

may allah be pleased with them all



here are other examples for the prophet (pbuh) while treating kids:


- when once he was preaching on the pulpit, his grandkids came out of one of his rooms and were falling in their wide clothes. he stepped down off his tribune and embraced both of them between his hands and said: "i swear i felt nothing till i lifted them up".


-another situation is when his granddaughter omama was creeping till she reached him while praying. what is the prophet going to do with her? would he leave her crying and continue praying? no, of course he carried her between his blessed arms and continued praying.



he was merciful and loving his kids

may allah's blessings be upon them all



-his compassion to his grandsons was more that one could imagine. when both of al-hassan and al-hussein were on his back playing as if riding a horse, a man saw them and told him: "you are an excellent horse", he replied: "and they are the best knights" (may allah's blessings and peace be upon him).


who can be like that?

except the one who carries real prophecy may

allah be pleased with him


-once, a rough hard-hearted man entered and saw the prophet when he was playing with his children and grandchildren and said: "do you play with your kids? i have ten sons with whom i never played".

the prophet (pbuh) replied: "what can i do with you if you have no mercy and no pity in your heart?"


our prophet brought up his kids on the right faith and islamic beliefs, good morals, and high ethics.


watch how the prophet (pbuh) saw his grandson al hassan one day eating a dried date, he took it out of his mouth saying: "it is from the charity and its not for muhammad's family”

the young child of course couldn't understand that. the messenger was able to put another date, which he bought, instead of the one taken by the little child .but why didn't the prophet do that?

that is because he wants to teach him the right morals and to make him understand the teachings of islam. may allah's blessings and peace be upon him.


oh lord! we ask you to support us and make us love our prophet muhammad and follow his great example.


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