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honesty is a great trait in islam; it is one of the foundations of the religion.

among the meanings of honesty is devotion in worshipping almighty allah, being honest in belief and never to abandon this trust of being sincere and faithful muslim.

it is also a great obligation carried by man, while the heavens, the earth and the mountains refused to bury it because of its weightiness and greatness. allah says in the qur’an: “surely we presented (literally: set before) the trust (i.e., trust of devotion) to the heavens and the earth and mountains. yet they refused to carry it and felt timorous about it, and man carried it. surely he has been constantly unjust, constantly ignorant.” (al-ahzab: 72)



what is honesty?


honesty is giving, fulfilling rights and keeping them. the muslim has to give each person his right.

honesty status


1- almighty allah praises the believers for their honesty and trustworthiness. he says in the qur’an about them: “and they are the ones who pay heed to their deposits and their covenant.” (al-muminun: 8)



2- honesty is a trait in character of the prophet (pbuh), he was called before prophethood as “the truthful, trustworthy man”.



3- honesty is a sign of faith and betrayal is a sign of hypocrisy. narrated abu huraira that the prophet (peace be upon him) said: "the signs of a hypocrite are three: whenever he speaks he tells a lie; whenever he is entrusted he proves dishonest; whenever he promises he breaks his promise." (sahih al-bukhari).



4- honesty is the best grant from allah to his worshipper. he should not grieve for any difficulty or turmoil if he is characterized with an honest approach. narrated ibn omar (ra) that the messenger of allah (pbuh) said: “if you have four things, don’t worry about anything you missed in this world: truthfulness in speech, preserving one’s trust, good conduct and purity of food.” (musnad of imam ahmed)



kinds of honesty:

honesty has several kinds such as:

* honesty in worshipping:

adhering to the commands and obligations set on the muslim is part of his honesty. he should fulfill these duties obligated by almighty allah sincerely aiming for the reward of the creator.

* honesty in self-preservation:

the muslim has to be aware that limbs and organs are trusts that should be kept safe and preserved. they should only be used in obedience not any action that angers almighty allah.


* honesty in trusts:

keeping trusts and returning them to the owners when they ask for them is a reflection of honesty. almighty allah says: “surely allah commands you to pay deposits back to their qualified family (i.e. the owners) and, when you judge among mankind, that you judge with justice. how favorable is that to which allah surely admonishes you; surely allah has been ever-hearing, ever-beholding.” (an-nisa: 58)



* honesty in work:

doing the work the best way is also one of the branches of honesty. the student, the worker, the parents and each and every person in society are required to perfect their duties by doing them honestly and earnestly.


* honesty in uttering words:

another branch of honesty is being committed to speaking good honest words. the muslim should know the value of the word he utters and its importance. it is better to stay silent, than uttering a bad or insulting word.


* honesty in keeping secrets:

the muslim should never betray his brother, sell him out, or reveal his secrets.



fruits of honesty:

1- almighty allah and the prophet muhammad (pbuh) love the honest people, and people love them for that.



2- prevalence of trust and cooperation between the people in society.


3- tranquility, relaxation and easiness in dealings and transactions.


4- promotion of love and positive emotions among people.


how to be honest?

1- by upbringing and educating young children the value and status of honesty in islam and establishing it in their characters since early childhood.



2- remembering the responsibility and the day of resurrection when we will face almighty allah to be accounted for our deeds in the present life.



3- seeking to have a positive character in the present life and the great reward in the hereafter by the will of allah through embracing good manners, honesty included.



4- remembering the evil consequences of betrayal as it is a proof of hypocrisy.



5- benefiting from the righteous predecessors and their consideration of keeping trusts and dealing with honesty.



let’s revive a great islamic trait, let’s strive to gain the great reward from almighty allah.

peace and blessings of allah be on our beloved prophet muhammad, his family, his companions and all his followers until the day of judgment.

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