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Bahira’s Advise to Abu Talib

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Bahira’s Advise to Abu Talib



Abu talib told Bahira: he is my nephew and his father died. Bahira said, "And what about his mother?" Abu taleb said, "She died too."

Bahira said, "You are right." Then Bahira advised Abu Talib, saying,”O Abu Talib, go back with your nephew to Makka, beware of him from the Jews. if they would know about what Idid, they won’t leave him alive. Your son will be a great man; this is what we read in our books and what we’ve been told by our fathers and grandfathers. I am advising you, so take my advice and go back to your home land as quick as possible.

Abu Talib sent Muhammad (pbuh) back to Makka with some of his servants, and so Allah saved him from any harm.


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