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Supplication whilst prostrating (sujood)

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 supplication whilst prostrating (sujood)


subhana rabbiyal-aaala. (three times)

‘how perfect my lord is, the most high.’(three times)











subhanakal-lahumma rabbana wabihamdik, allahummagh- fir lee.

‘how perfect you are o allah, our lord, and i praise you. o allah, forgive me.’









subbohoon quddos, rabbul-mala-ikati warrooh.

‘perfect and holy (he is), lord of the angles and the rooh (i.e. jibra-eel).’










allahumma laka sajadt, wabika amant, walaka aslamt, sajada wajhee lillathee khalaqahu wasawwarahu washaqqa samaaahu wabasarahu, tabarakal-lahu ahsanul-khaliqeen.

‘o allah, unto you i have prostrated and in you i have believed, and unto you i have submitted. my face has prostrated before he who created it and fashioned it, and brought forth its faculties of hearing and seeing. blessed is allah, the best of creators.’


.subhana thil-jabaroot, walmalakoot, walkibriya/, walaaathamah.

‘how perfect he is, the possessor of total power, sovereignty, magnificence and grandeur.’











allahummagh-fir lee thanbee kullah, diqqahu wajillah, wa-awwalahu wa-akhirah, wa- aaalaniyyatahu wa-sirrah.

‘o allah, forgive me all of my sins, the small and great of them, the first and last of them, and the seen and hidden of them.’







allahumma innee aaaoothu biridaka min sakhatik, wa-bimuaaafatika min aauqoobatik, wa-aaaoothu bika mink, la ohsee thana-an aaalayk, anta kama athnayta aaala nafsik.

‘o allah, i take refuge within your pleasure from your displeasure and within your pardon from your punishment, and i take refuge in you from you. i cannot enumerate your praise, you are as you have praised yourself.’

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