The Tashahhud

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the tashahhud

tashahhud: what one says in the sitting position in prayer

attahiyyatu lillahi wassalawatu wattayyibat, assalamu aaalayka ayyuhan-nabiyyu warahmatul-lahi wabarakatuh, assalamu aaalayna waaaala aaibadil-lahis-saliheen. ash-hadu an la ilaha illal-lah, wa-ashhadu anna muhammadan aaabduhu warasooluh.

at-tahiyyat is for allah. all acts of worship and good deeds are for him. peace and the mercy and blessings of allah be upon you o prophet. peace be upon us and all of allah’s righteous servants. i bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except allah and i bear witness that muhammad is his slave and messenger.’

at-tahiyyat: all words which indicate the glorification of allah. his eternal existence, his perfection and his sovereignty.

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