Supplication when prostrating due to recitation of the Quran

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 supplication when prostrating due to recitation of the quran

sajada wajhee lillathee khalaqahu washaqqa samaaahu wabasarahu bihawlihi waquwwatih  { tabaraka allahu ahsanu alkhaliqeen}.

‘my face fell prostrate before he who created it and brought forth its faculties of hearing and seeing by his might and power.<< so blessed is allah, the best of creators. >>’


allahummak-tub lee biha  aaindaka ajra, wadaaa  aaannee biha wizra, wajaaalha lee aaindaka thukhra, wataqabbalha minnee kama taqabbaltaha min aaabdika dawood.

‘o allah, record for me a reward for this (prostration), and remove from me a sin.  save it for me and accept it from me just as you had accepted it from your servant dawood.’


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