The Twenty Seventh Call: Prohibition of Taking Disbelievers as Allies instead of the Believers

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the twenty seventh call: prohibition of taking disbelievers as allies instead of the believers

almighty allah says (what can be translated as): "o you who have believed, do not take the disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. do you wish to give allah against yourselves a clear case?" (an-nisa': 144)

almighty allah forbids his believing servants from taking disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. the believers should not befriend, advise, show affection to the believers or tell them the hidden circumstances of the muslim. allah tells them that if they do so then, they would be giving him a clear proof and reason for their punishment. (the meaning here is supporting disbelievers with the say and deed which harm the muslims).

here is a return to calling those who believe. belief is the character that distinguishes them and differentiates them from the rest. it is the character that distinguishes their method, conduct and reality. with this character, they respond and accept the call and obey the commands.

here the call warns them from taking the path of hypocrites. it warns them from taking disbelievers as allies instead of the believers…

it is a call that was needed in the muslim community back then. at that time, there were connections between some of the muslims and the jews in medina. there were also connections between some muslims and their relatives in the tribe of qureish, even though these connections were only emotional. we say "some muslims" because the rest of them cut all their relations with the jahiliah society, even their relations with their parents and children. they made the belief of islam the only core of gathering and the center of affinity and relationships as allah taught them.

those who still had relationships with the disbelievers needed the warning that this is the path of hypocrisy and hypocrites. hypocrisy and hypocrites were portrayed in an obnoxious repelling way. so, the muslims who might be taking the disbelievers as allies were warned against the discontent, wrath and punishment of allah… this is why; it was expressed in the form of a question because the usage of a question is an enough warning in addressing the hearts of the believers.

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