The Prophet’s Guidance Concerning Friday

  • from his guidance was to honour friday and the friday (jumu`ah) prayer, designating to it particular practices such as taking a bath, wearing one's best clothes, listening attentively to the sermon and frequently invoking blessings on the prophet pbuh.

  • he pbuh used to greet the worshipers, ascend to the pulpit, face the worshipers, greet them and sit down. then bilal-may allah be pleased with him-would call for prayer (adhaan), and the prophet pbuh would immediately begin his sermon without any interlude. while delivering the sermon he pbuh leaned on a bow or a stick, but that was before adopting the pulpit.

  • he pbuh would deliver the sermon while standing, then he would sit briefly and then stand for a second sermon.

  • he pbuh asked the worshipers to sit close to him and listen attentively. he pbuh said that a man should not even tell another to listen, as that would be considered of the speech that would detract from the reward of his jumu`ah prayer.

  • when he pbuh spoke his eyes would redden, his voice become loud and show increased anger as if he pbuh was exhorting an army.

  • he pbuh used to say in his sermon [after praising allah]: “to proceed”... he pbuh would make his sermon short and lengthen the prayer.

  • in his sermon, he pbuh would teach his companions the basics of islam and its laws. he pbuh would give orders and prohibitions whenever necessary.

  • he pbuh would interrupt his sermon for any unexpected need or to answer a question, and then resume his speech. he might also descend from the pulpit for some need and ascend it once again. he pbuh dealt with current issues in his sermon and when he noticed poverty among some of the congregation, he would encourage charity.

  • he pbuh would point with his index finger when mentioning allah, and if there was drought, he would invoke allah for rain.

  • after the jumu`ah prayer, he pbuh would enter his house and perform its sunnah prayer of two rak`ahs. he also told those who performed the jumu`ah prayer to pray four rak`ahs after it.

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