Budail, an Ambassador between the Prophet & Quraish

Article translated to : العربية
when the prophet [pbuh] had rested, budail bin warqa’ al-khuza‘i with some celebrities of khuza‘ah tribe, the prophet’s confidants, came and asked him what he had come for. the prophet [pbuh] replied that it was not for war that he had come forth: "i have no other design," he said, "but to perform ‘umrah (the lesser pilgrimage) in the holy sanctuary. should quraish embrace the new religion, as some people have done, they are most welcome, but if they stand in my way or debar the muslims from pilgrimage, i will surely fight them to the last man, and allâh’s order must be fulfilled." the envoy carried the message back to quraish, who sent another one called mikraz bin hafs. on seeing him, the prophet [pbuh] said that that was a treacherous man. he was given the same message to communicate to his people.
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