Quraish's Ambassadors

Article translated to : العربية
another ambassador was sent known as al-hulais bin ‘alqamah. he was very much impressed by the spirit of devotion that the muslims had for the sacred ka‘bah. he went back to his men and warned them against debarring muhammad [pbuh] and his companions from doing honour to allâh’s house on the peril of breaking his alliance with them. hulais was succeeded by ‘urwa bin mas‘ud ath-thaqafi to negotiate with muhammad [pbuh]. in the course of discussion he said to the prophet [pbuh]: "muhammad! have you gathered around yourself mixed people and then brought them against your kith and kin in order to destroy them. by allâh i think i see you deserted by these people tomorrow." at this point abu bakr stood up and expressed his resentment at this imputation. al-mugheerah bin shu‘bah expressed the same attitude and reprovingly forbade him from touching the prophet’s beard. here, quraish’s envoy remarked indignantly and alluded to the latter’s treacherous act of killing his companions and looting them before he embraced islam. meanwhile, ‘urwah, during his stay in the muslim camp, had been closely watching the unfathomable love and profound respect that the followers of muhammad [pbuh] showed him. he returned and conveyed to quraish his impression that those people could not forsake the prophet [pbuh] under any circumstances. he expressed his feelings in the following words: "i have been to chosroes, caesar and negus in their kingdoms, but never have i seen a king among a people like muhammad [pbuh] among his companions. if he performs his ablution, they would not let the water thereof fall on the ground; if he expectorates, they would have the mucus to rub their faces with; if he speaks, they would lower their voices. they will not abandon him for anything in any case. he, now, offers you a reasonable plan, so do what you please."
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