Uthman bin Affan, an Ambassador to Quraish

Article translated to : العربية
then the prophet [pbuh] desired ‘umar to see the nobles of quraish on his behalf. ‘umar excused himself on account of the personal enmity of quraish; he had, moreover, no influential relatives in the city who could shield him from danger; and he pointed to ‘uthman bin ‘affan, who belonged to one of the most powerful families in makkah, as the suitable envoy. ‘uthman went to abu sufyan and other chiefs and told them that the muslims had come only to visit and pay their homage to the sacred house, to do worship there, and that they had no intention to fight. he was also asked to call them to islam, and give glad tidings to the believers in makkah, women and men, that the conquest was approaching and islam was surely to prevail because allâh would verily establish his religion in makkah. ‘uthman also assured them that after the performance of ceremonies they would soon depart peacefully, but the quraishites were adamant and not prepared to grant them the permission to visit al-ka‘bah. they, however, offered ‘uthman the permission to perform the pilgrimage, if he so desired in his individual capacity, but ‘uthman declined the offer saying: "how is it possible that i avail myself of this opportunity, when the prophet [pbuh] is denied of it?" the muslims anxiously waited for the arrival of ‘uthman with mingled feelings of fear and anxiety.
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