Ar-Ridwan Pledge; a Covenant of Fealty

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but his arrival was considerably delayed and a foul play was suspected on the part of quraish. the muslims were greatly worried and took a solemn pledge at the hand of the prophet [pbuh] that they would sacrifice their lives to avenge the death of their companion and stand firmly by their master, muhammad [pbuh], under all conditions. this pledge goes by the name of bay‘at ar-ridwan (a covenant of fealty). the first men to take a pledge were abu sinan al-asadi and salamah bin al-akwa‘, who gave a solemn promise to die in the cause of truth three times, at the front of the army, in the middle and in the rear. the prophet [pbuh] caught his left hand on behalf of ‘uthman. this fealty was sworn under a tree, with ‘umar holding the prophet’s hand and ma‘qil bin yasar holding a branch of the tree up. the noble qur’ân has referred to this pledge in the following words:

"indeed, allâh was pleased with the believers when they gave their bai‘a (pledge) to you (o muhammad [pbuh] ) under the tree." [al-qur'an 48:18]

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