Abu Jandal's Return

Article translated to : العربية

it was during this time while the treaty was being written that abu jandal, suhail’s son, appeared on the scene. he was brutally chained and was staggering with privation and fatigue. the prophet [pbuh] and his companions were moved to pity and tried to secure his release but suhail was adamant and said: "to signify that you are faithful to your contract, an opportunity has just arrived." the prophet [pbuh] said: "but the treaty was not signed when your son entered the camp." upon this, he burst forth and said, "but the terms of the treaty were agreed upon." it was indeed an anxious moment. on the one hand, abu jandal was lamenting at the top of his voice, "am i to be returned to the polytheists that they might entice me from my religion, o muslims!" but, on the other hand, the faithful engagement was also considered to be necessary, above all other considerations. the prophet’s heart welled up with sympathy, but he wanted to honour his word at all costs. he consoled abu jandal and said, "be patient, resign yourself to the will of allâh. allâh is going to provide for you and your helpless companions relief and means of escape. we have concluded a treaty of peace with them and we have taken the pledge in the name of allâh. we are, therefore, under no circumstances prepared to break it." ‘umar bin al-khattab could not help giving vent to the deep-seated agony of his heart. he rose to his feet uttering words implying deep hatred and extreme indignation and requested abu jandal to take his sword and kill suhail, but the son spared his father. however, in silent resignation was therefore, abu jandal borne away with his chains.

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