Allah’s Protection over the Prophet from the Impure Pre-Islamic Paganism

Article translated to : العربية עברית 中文

almighty allah protected his beloved prophet muhammad (pbuh) from the impure pre-islamic paganism and from doing any fault since his very early years.

allah gave muhammad only good manners, and that’s why he was known as the “honest” (al ameen) for all his purity, honesty and truthfulness.

as an example for that, when quraish (muhammad’s tribe) was renewing the ka’ba they had a problem about who would put the “black stone” in its place. they decided to let the first one coming to be their judge. muhammad was that person who was at that time 35 of age. quraish was pleased of his coming, saying: “the honest is coming.” muhammad (pbuh) put a piece of cloth on the ground, placed the stone in the middle and told every tribe to carry a side of the cloth, so that all tribes carried the stone.

muhammad didn’t use to practice “haj” as all pagans did before islam, as the ka’ba was surrounded with their stone goods.

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