His Supporting the Widows

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abdullah ibn abu awfa (may allah be pleased with him) reported that : “the messenger of allah (pbuh) used to practice a lot “the remembrance of allah the almighty“, avoid the vain talk, spend plenty of time praying , abbreviate the speech, and never mind to walk with the widow and the poor until they are relieved from their distress.

moreover, anas ibn malek (may allah be pleased with him) reported : if any woman in madinah needed the prophet’s help, he went with her wherever she wanted.

furthermore, anas reported that a woman used to visit the messenger of allah (pbuh) and she said: “oh messenger of allah i need your help” .he (pbuh) addressed her with kindness and said: “sit wherever you want, and i am ready to listen to you”. anas continued and said: she sat, and then our prophet (pbuh) stayed with her until her problem was solved.

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