say: "do you see? whether this message be from allah (god almighty), and yet you reject it, and a witness from among the children of israel* bore witness of one like him "

(surah ahqaf) holy quran 46:10

(* this refers to moses. see yusuf ali's commentaries nos. 4783/4 to this verse. his translation with text and commentary available from the i.p.c.i., 124 queen street, durban 4001, r.s.a.)

mr. chairman, ladies and gentlemen,
the subject of this evening's talk* — "what the bible says about muhummed (peace be upon him)"—will no doubt come as a surprise to many of you because the speaker is a muslim. how does it come about that a muslim happens to be expounding prophecies from the jewish and christian scriptures?

as a young man, about 30 years ago, i attended a series of religious lectures by a christian theologian, a certain rev. hiten, atthe "theatre royal", durban.

* this is the text of a lecture delivered by the author in the early seventies.

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