Pope or Kissinger?

this reverend gentleman was expounding biblical prophecies. he went on to prove that the christian bible foretold the rise ofsoviet russia, and the last days. at one stage he went to the extent of proving that his holy book did not leave the pope outof its predictions. he expatiated vigorously in order to convince his audience that the "beast 666" mentioned in the book ofrevelation—the last book of the new testament—was the pope, who was the vicar of christ on earth. it is not befitting for us muslims to enter into this controversy between the roman catholics and the protestants. by the way, the latest christian exposition of the "beast 666" of the christian bible is dr. henry kissinger.? christian scholars are ingenious and indefatigable in their efforts to prove their case.
*christian exegetics give progressive numerical values by sixes, to the english alphabet and add up to get the total 666 i.e. a = 6, b = 12, c = 18, d = 24 and so on. progression by 6's because the number of the beast in the bible is "666". try it for dr. kissinger.

rev. hiten's lectures led me to ask that if the bible foretold so many things—not even excluding the "pope" and "israel",— then surely it must have something to say about the greatest benefactor of mankind* - the holy prophet muhammad (may the peace of allah be with him).
*the writer has just delivered another talk in the city hall,
durban on the 10th december, 1975 on the subject "muhammad the greatest", booklet on that topic now available free from the centre.

as a youngster i set out to search for an answer. i met priest after priest, attended lectures, and read everything that i could lay my hands relating to the field of bible prophecies. tonight i am going to narrate to you one of these interviews with a dominee*
of the dutch reformed church.

* ”dominee” is the afrikaans equivalent of priest, parson and predikant.

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