Not One by Name!

i enquired: "according to you, are there not hundreds of prophecies regarding the coming of jesus in the old testament.” the dominee interjected: "not hundreds, but thousands!" i said, "i am not going to dispute the 'thousand and one' prophecies in the old testament regarding the coming of jesus christ, because the whole muslim-world has already accepted him without the testimony of any biblical prophecy. we muslims have accepted the de facto jesus on the authority of muhammad alone, and there are in the world today no less than 900,000,000* followers of muhammad who love, respect and revere this great messenger of god— jesus christ— without having the christians to convince them by means of their biblical dialectics. out of the 'thousands' of prophecies referred to, can you please give me just one single prophecy where jesus is mentioned by name? the term 'messiah', translated as 'christ', is not a name but a title. is there a single prophecy where it says that the name of the messiah will be jesus, and that his mother's name will be mary, that his supposed father will be joseph the carpenter that he will be born in the reign of herod the king, etc. etc.? no! there are no such details! then how can you conclude that those 'thousand' prophecies refer to jesus?"

*this was first written in 1976.

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