What is Prophecy?

the dominee replied: "you see, prophecies are word-pictures of something that is going to happen in the future. when that thing actually comes to pass, we see vividly in these prophecies the fullfilment of what had been predicted in the past." i said: "what you actually do is that you deduce, you reason, you put two and two together." he said: "yes." i said: "if this is what you have to do with a 'thousand' prophecies to justify your claim with regards to the genuineness of jesus, why should we not adopt the very same system for muhummed?"* the dominee agreed that it was a fair proposition, a reasonable way of dealing with the problem.
* muhummed is mentioned by name in the song of 5010mon
5:16. the hebrew word used there is mahammudim. the end letters im is a plural of respect, majesty and grandeur. minus "im" the name would be mahammud translated as "altogether lovely" in the authorised version of the bible or 'the praised one'—'the one worthy of praise' i.e. muhummed! (p.b.u.h.)

i asked him to open up deuteronomy, chapter 18, verse 18 (the fifth book of the christian and jewish bibles), which he did. i read from memory the verse in afrikaans, because this was my purpose in having a little practice with the language of the ruling
race in south africa.*
* if this booklet is translated into any language, please change the afrikaans words into the local dialect; and do not try a free hand translation of the biblical quotations. obtain a bible in the language in which translation is being made and transcribe exactly as the words occur in that bible.

'n profeet sal ek vir hulle
verwek uit de midde van hulle broers,
soos jy is,
en ek
sal my woorde in sy mond le,
en hy
sal aan hulle se
wat ek hom beveel. deut 18:18.the english translation reads as follows:—
i will raise them up a prophet
from among their brethren,
like unto thee, and i will put my words in his mouth;
and he shall speak unto them
all that i shall command him.

(holy bible) deuteronomy 18:18

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