Prophet Like Moses

having recited the verse in afrikaans, i apologised for my uncertain pronunciation. the dominee assured me that i was doing fine. i enquired: "to whom does this prophecy refer?" without the slightest hesitation he answered: "jesus!" i asked: "why jesus — his name is not mentioned here?" the dominee replied: "since prophecies are word-pictures of something that is going to happen in tahe future, we find that the wordings of this verse adequately describe him. you see the most important words of this prophecy are 'soos jy is' (like unto thee), —like you—like moses, and jesus is like moses. i questioned: "in which way is jesus like moses?" the answer was: "in the first place moses was a jew and jesus was also a jew; secondly, moses was a prophet and jesus was also a prophet—therefore jesus is like moses and that is exactly what god had foretold moses—"soos jy is". "can you think of any other similarities between moses and jesus?" i asked. the dominee said that he could not think of any. i replied: "if these are the only two criteria for discovering a candidate for this prophecy of deuteronomy 18:18, then in that case this criteria could fit any one of the following biblical personages after moses:—solomon, isaiah, ezekiel, daniel, hosea, joel, malachi, john the baptist, etc., because they were also all "jews" as well as "prophets." why should we not apply this prophecy to any one of these prophets, and why only to jesus? why should we make fish of one and fowl of another?" the dominee had no reply. i continued: "you see, my conclusions are that jesus is most unlike moses, and if i am wrong i would like you to correct me."

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