The Greatest

the weekly news magazine "'time" dated july 15, 1974, carried a selection of opinions by various historians, writers, military men, businessmen and others on the subject: "who were history's great leaders?" some said that it was hitler; others said — gandhi, buddha, lincoln and the like. but lutes masserman, a united states psychoanalyst put the standards straight by giving the correct criteria wherewith to judge. he said:

"leaders must fulfil three functions: —

(1) provide for the well-being of the led,
(2) provide a social organization in which people feel relatively secure, and
(3) provide them with one set of beliefs."

with the above three criteria he searches history and analyses— hitler, pasteur, caesar, moses, confucius and the lot, and ultimately concludes: —

"people like pasteur and salk are leaders in the first sense. people like gandhi and confucius, on one hand, and alexander, caesar and hitler on the other, are leaders in the second and perhaps the third sense. jesus and buddha belong in the third category alone. perhaps the greatest leader of all times was mohammed, who combined all three functions. to a lesser degree, moses did the same."

according to the objective standards set by the professor of the chicago university, whom i believe to be jewish, — jesus and buddha are nowhere in the picture of the "great leaders of mankind", but by a queer coincidence groups moses and muhammad together thus adding further weight to the argument that jesus is not like moses, but muhummed is like moses: deut. 18:18 "like unto thee"— like moses!

reverend james l. dow in collins dictionary of the bible gives further proof, that jesus is not like moses, but muhummed is like moses: "as a statesman and lawgiver moses is the creator of the jewish people. he found a loose conglomeration of semitic people, none of ......

in conclusion, i end with a quotation of a christian reverend the commentator of the bible, followed by that of his masters:

“the ultimate criterion of a true prophet is the moral character of his teachings.” (prof. dummelow.)

“by their fruits ye shall know them.” (jesus christ)

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