this site only expounds a single prophecy from the new testament. see "what the bible says about muhammmed (pbuh)" for prophecies from the old testemant.

a common trait

just a cursory glance, a rapid reading, a hurried look at the previous verse will satisfy the muslim that jesus christ (pbuh) did indeed prophesy the advent of muhummed (pbuh), the messenger of god. the muslim is puzzled at the stubbornness, vanity and tunnel vision of the christian which prevents him from seeing his own inner light and listening to his conscience so as not to recognise the obvious.

the christian in turn is puzzled at the hard-hearted obstinacy of the jews, a nation endowed with such creative genius, which, despite a thousand and one prophecies in their own bible (the old testament) regarding the coming of the "messiah," are totally incapable of recognising their lord and "saviour." are they both somewhat blind?

no! neither the jews nor the christians are necessarily impervious to truth. the trouble is that we all pick up our prejudices from childhood. the american call it being "programmed"

simply reading the verses or listening to lectures and getting that smug satisfaction of being in the know will not help spreading the truth. this is the age of the "everyman." 1 the age of the professionals is over. it is the duty of every muslim — man, woman or child to get involved. each according to his or her capacity. memorize the above verse with its meaning as well as the quotations preceding and those that follow so that you may feel equipped to share our deen with non-muslims. there are no short-cuts to da'wah (propagation)!

produce your proof!

perhaps this is not the first time you are reading or might have heard about the prophecies in the jewish and christian scriptures regarding the advent of the last and final messenger of god — muhummed (pbuh) the mercy unto all mankind. and perhaps you have at times made some half-hearted and skimpy efforts at suggesting that our nabi-e-kareem was prophesised in the holy bible. but when proof was demanded, you simply not able to, because you had not done any home work remember, there is no substitute for hard work. i believe what i say and i practise what i preach. insha-allah!

i have personally memorized various selections from the bible in a dozen different languages, including arabic and hebrew. not for show but because of the openings these snippets of religion create for me in propagating our faith to various language groups. languages are the keys to people's hearts.


1. "everyman:" is a new series of books to equip everyman or woman to learn an art or trade such as – plumbing, pottery, woodwork, etc by studying at home.

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