i implore my brethren who can read the arabic quotation to memorize it together with the english translation above and create opportunities for using it. learn the verses in conjunction

with other languages that you know. there will be a definite all-round improvement in your fluency, and proficiency in preaching islam to other people.

the word "comforter" above is "al-moouzzi" in arabic. i asked the lady, "who is the "al-moouzzi" of this prophecy?" she said, " do not know," she was honest she did not beat around the bush. so i said that we are told in the holy qur'an that jesus christ (pbuh) had told his disciples —

i continued that, *this ahmed is another name for muhummed, and muhummed is moouzzi!" "very funny," she exclaimed, "these egyptians" (meaning the muslim egyptians) "take us to the cinema, they take us" (meaning christian women) "to the dance, but no one ever tells us anything about this moouzzi!" through her allah soobha'nahoo-wa-ta'aalaa, armed me with a fourteen-pound sledgehammer before leaving cairo airport. alhumdo'lillah! and, did i use that sledgehammer!!

an integrated explanation of comforter/moouzzi of john 16: 7 and ahmed/muhummed of the holy qur’an 61: 6 will be slotted in place when explaining the ayat (the verse) heading this chapter.

biblical confirmation

remember, that in the sixth century of the christian era, when muhummed (pbuh) was chanting god's words which was systematically "put into his mouth," ' the arabic bible had not yet been translated. he could never have known that he was fulfilling and confirming the utterances of his predecessor jesus (pbuh) to the letter.

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