to the sincere seekers of truth it is obvious that muhummed (pbuh) is the promised paraclete or comforter, alternatively called helper, advocate, counsellor, etc of the prophecies of jesus (pbuh) in the gospel of st. john. there are millions of christians — men and women like our good lady at the cairo airport who are hungry for this simple straight-forward message. but alas, we can only weep with jesus (pbuh) for our utter ineptitude —

the harvest truly is plenteous, but the workers are few.

(holy bible) matthew 9: 57

language of jesus (pbuh)

in the holy qur'an god almighty puts the name "ahmed" which is another name for muhummed (pbuh) in the mouth of jesus (pbuh). the christian controversialist, bible-thumper, hot-gospeller flippantly scoffs at the suggestion. the christian missionary does not deny that jesus (pbuh) did make a prophecy about someone coming after him. but "ahmed" to him seems too far-fetched.

the most commonly accepted name by christendom is "comforter" it does not really matter comforter or any other equivalent term will do. we will settle for comforter as used in the most popular bible translation the "king james version."

ask your adversary, your disputant whether jesus (pbuh) spoke the english language? "most definitely not!" any christian will say. if you are sharing this with an arab christian then you can ask him whether his "lord" used the word "moouzzi?" surely not, because arabic was not his language. did jesus (pbuh) prophesy "umthokozisi?" (comforter in zulu) or "trooster" from the afrikaans bible? the answer again is a definite no!"

the christians are rightfully boasting that they now have translated the complete bible into hundreds of different languages, and the new testament (in which this prophecy abounds) into more than two thousand different languages and dialects. so the christian genius has invented more than 2000 different names in 2000 different languages for this one candidate — comforter!

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