of all the languages in which i have mastered the verse in question. i have derived the greatest excitement and benefit from afrikaans. it is a language of the ruling race in south africa. it is the youngest of the world's languages. the language is unique. in fact every language is unique. but afrikaans is in a class of its own. it also happens to be the mother tongue of half the muslim population of south africa who were brought here as prisoners of war and enslaved by the christians; that is simply by force of circumstances. for their immediate benefit and for your information i reproduce the verse here:

maar ek se julle die waarheid: dit is vir julle voordelig dat ek weggaan;
want as ek nie weggaan nie, sal
die trooster
1 nie na julle kom
nie; maar as ek weggaan, sal ek horn na julle stuur

]ohanness 16: 7

1. trooster:
now changed to "voorspraak!"

believe it or not! it is the genius of this language that it uses four negatives nie, nie, nie, nie. to prove a positive! the departure of jesus is an absolute imperative for the coming of the "trooster," the comforter to come! this verse in this language has opened many doors for me, other than religious, and it locks the door against the idea of the "comforter which is the holy ghost" (john 14:26).

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