if jesus (pbuh) would have been a japanese instead of a jew. he would happily have committed that honourable "harakiri" (suicide). sadly, he was the most unfortunate of god’s messengers. his family disbelieved him for neither did his (]esus’) brethren believe in him (john 7: 5). in fact they went to the extent of wanting to apprehend him. believing that he was mad.

and when his relatives heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him (jesus); for they said, he is beside himself.
(holy bible) mark 3. 21

who were these friends and relatives of jesus (pbuh) which had concern for his sanity? let rev. j.r. dummelow. m.a. in his one volume bible commentary tell us. on page 726 he says —

"from v.31" (just 10 verses following the above quotation) "they appear to have been his mother and brethren… his family said ‘he is beside himself,’" (meaning that he is not right in his head); "the scribes said, ‘he is possessed by the devil himself.’ it is not, how ever, implied at all that his family was in sympathy with the scribes" (the learned men of the jews). "their apprehension being simply that his mind was unsettled. and that he needed to be put under restraint."

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