that was the verdict of the close relations of jesus (pbuh). what then was the response of his own nation, the jews, after all his beautiful preachings and mighty miracle workings? his disciple puts it very mildly:

he came unto his own (the jews) and his own received him (jesus) not.

(holy bible) john 1:11

actually "his own" mocked him. scorned him and vehemently rejected him. to the extent of making an attempt to crucify him.' despite two thousand years of christian persecutions and pogroms, and now their overweening love and infatuation for them, so as to salve their own conscience, the jews as a people and as a whole can never accept jesus as their saviour, their deliverer, their god, simply because of their one sound judgement —

"that no jew can ever accept another jew as a god!"

it is only in islam that the jews, the christians and the muslims can find accommodation — all believing in jesus christ (pbuh) for what he really was — one of the mightiest messengers of god; and not as god or his son!

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