as promised, we will now combine, "i have yet many things to say unto you" from verse twelve, with "he will guide you into all truth." from john 16: 12 and 13.

if the christian still persists that the spirit of truth of this prophecy is the holy ghost then ask him or her whether in their language does "many" means more than one? also if "all" in the above verse means more than one? if you get a halting, wavering, hesitant "y-e-s" then close the book. it is not worth pursuing dialogues with opinionated fools. but if you get the answer "yes!" with alacrity then proceed ...

the one prophesied by jesus (pbuh) was to unravel many things which he had left unsaid, as well as to guide humanity into all truth. there are many problems facing mankind today, for which we are fumbling for answers. can you please give me one new thing that the alleged holy ghost gave to anybody in the past two thousand years, which jesus christ had not already given in so many different words? i don’t want many, i'am looking for just one!

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