believe me, in my forty years of questioning. i have not come across a single christian with a single "new truth" inspired by the holy ghost, yet the promise was that the coming comforter -"he will guide you into all truth!" if the spirit of truth of this prophecy is the holy ghost then every church and denomination, and eveiy 'born-again' christian is claiming the gift of the holy ghost. the roman catholics claim that they have the whole truth because of the so-called "in-dwelling" of the holy ghost. the anglicans make the same claim, and the methodists, the jehovah's witnesses, the seventh day adventists, the baptists, the christadelphians. etc. etc. not forgetting the 'born-agains' who claim to be numbering over 70 million in the united states alone.

you have the right to demand solutions from them, on the authority of the holy ghost, for the problems listed below:

1. alcohol

2. gambling

3. fortune telling

4. idol worship, devil worship

5. racism

6. problem of surplus women etc etc.

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