the republic of south africa with a small "white"1 population of 4 million among its total population of 30 million, has over 300,000 alcoholics. in neighbouring zambia. kenneth kaunda calls such people "drunkards!" it is recorded that the "coloureds"2 in south africa have five times the amount of alcoholics as any other race in the country. for the indians and the africans no statistics are available for their respective drunkards.

jimmy swaggart the televangelist records in his book "alcohol" that the united states has 11 million alcoholics3 and 44 million "heavy drinkers!", and he like a good muslim, goes on to say that he sees no difference between the two. to him they are all drunkards! the rampant evil of drunkenness is universal. the holy ghost has not yet made its pronouncement on this evil through any church. christendom winks at drunkenness on three flimsy pretences based on the holy bible.

1. of european extraction.

2. a mixture between the black and white races,

3. the americans euphemistically call them "problem drinkers."

(a) give strong drink (hard liquor) to him who is perishing (one who is dying) and wine to those who are bitter of heart.
let him drink and forget his poverty. and remember his misery no more.

(holy bible) proverbs 31:6-7

a very good philosophy to keep the subject nations under subjugation, you will agree.

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