the question arises, how is it that this spirit of truth — the holy prophet muhummed (pbuh) succeeded with one verse whereas mighty america with the brain power of the nation and the money power of the government, supported by its powerful propaganda machinery failed with "prohibition," 1 the law outlawing alcohol?

who coerced the american nation to enact prohibition? which arab nation threatened this mighty power with if you do not prohibit alcohol in your country. we will not supply you with oil? not the arabs as there was no such thing as oil as a "political instrument" in the hands of the arabs during the twenties to egg the united states. it was an intellectual awareness among the american (founding) fathers, based on study and statistics which brought them to the conclusion that intoxicants must be banned. they failed, notwithstanding the fact that the overwhelming majority of the nation was christian, and that it was they who had voted their congressmen into power. it is rightly said that that which comes from the brain (intellectually) tickles the brain, but that which comes from the heart and soul of a man, will move the heart. the verse just quoted above from the holy qur'an on prohibition, had and has the power for change; we will allow thomas carlyle to reveal the source of that power:

"if a book come from the heart. it will contrive to reach other hearts; all art and authorcraft are small amount to that. one would say the primary character of the koran is this of its genuineness, of its being a bona-fide book."


1. prohibition: the era from 1920 to 1933 in which the sale, trade and consumption of alcohol was outlawed in the united states as a result of a long campaign by church groups, women’s organizations, temperance societies and the anti-saloon league. it sparked off bootlegging, which gave a strong financial arm to organized crime. congress repealed the act in 1933, after strong public opinion dismay at its failure. these were also the years in which the infamous al-capone made his first debut.

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