nature seems to be at war with mankind. it appears that it wants to take revenge for his cleverness. man will not listen to the healthy, practical solution to his problems, which a beneficial, benevolent providence offers him. so it says. "go simmer in your soup!" (in a manner of speaking).

it is an accepted fact that at birth the ratio of male and female is about equal everywhere. but in child mortality more males die than females. amazing! the "weaker sex"? at any given time there are more widows in the world than widowers. every civilized nation has a surplus of women. great britain, 4 million. germany, 5 million. soviet russia 7 million, etc. but a solution acceptable to the problem of the mighty united states of america, will be a solution acceptable to nations everywhere. the statistics of this most sophisticated nation on earth is more readily verifiable.

america, o america!

we learn that the u.s.a. has a surplus of 7.8 million women. it means that if every man in america got married, there would still be 7 800 000 women left over, women who would be unable to get their share of a husband. one thing we do know, and that is that every man will never get married for so many different reasons. man gets cold feet and finds many excuses. a woman, even if frigid, would not mind getting married. she would marry, even if it is just for shelter and protection.

but the american problem of surplus women is compounded. ninety-eight percent of its prison population is male. then they have 25 million sodomites. euphemistically they call them "gays" a once beautiful word meaning — happy and joyous — now perverted!

america does everything in a big way. she produces everything mighty. mighty in promoting god and also mighty in promoting the devil. let us for once, join the mighty televangelist (now fallen) jimmy swaggart, in his prayer. in his well-researched book - "homosexuality." he cries,

"america - god will judge you (meaning that god will destroy you), for if he does not judge you (destroy you). he (god) might have to apologize to sodom and gomorrah" for their hasty, utter destruction because of their practice of homosexuality or their wanton gratification of unnatural lust.

new york as an example

the city of new york has one million more women than men. even if the total male population in this city mustered enough courage to unite with the opposite sex in matrimony; there would still remain 1 000 000 women without husbands.

but to make things worse, it is reputed that one third of the male population in this city is "gay" (homosexuals/sodomites). the jews, a very vociferous lot in every controversy, remain quiet as mice, for fear of being labelled backward easterners. the church, with their millions of born again votaries claiming to be the dwelling houses of the holy ghost, are also silent on this topic.

the founders of the mormon church. joseph smith and brigham young, claiming a new revelation in 1830 preached and practiced unlimited polygamy to solve the problem of surplus women. the present day prophets of mormonism1 have abrogated the teaching of their church fathers to placate american prejudice on the subject of polygamy. what is the poor american/western/european surplus women to do? they have literally gone to the dogs.2

1. the mormons believe in an unbroken chain of living prophets in their church.

2. consult "the life of the american female," by dr. alfred kinsey and the latest on the subject by masters and johnson

only solution - restricted and regulated polygamy

al-amin, the prophet of truth, the spirit of truth, under inspiration of god supplies the solution to their unfortunate plight. god ordains —

... marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four;

but if you fear that you will

not be able to deal justly (with them)

then (marry) only one ...

(sura wsaa) holy qur’an 4: 3

the western world feigns tolerance towards the millions of sodomites and lesbians in their midst. it is a joking matter in the west for a man to keep a dozen mistresses, and beget a dozen bastard1 children every year. such lecherous creatures are proudly labelled as "studs."2 "let him sow his wild oats, but don't hold him responsible!" says the west

islam says: "make man responsible for his pleasures." there is a type of man who is prepared to take on extra responsibility, and there is a type of woman who is prepared to share a husband. why place obstacles in their way? you mock at (polygamy). which was practised by the prophets of god as recorded in the holy bible, you forget that solomon the wise had a thousand wives and concubines as recorded in the good book (1 king 11:3), a healthy solution to your momentous problem, and yet smugly wink at the gratification of unnatural lusts by sodomites and lesbians! what a perversion? polygamy was practised by the jews and the pagans in the time of jesus (pbuh). he did not say a single word against it. not his fault. the jews gave him no peace to propound solutions. his was a natural cry, "when he the spirit of truth is came, he will guide you into all truth" (john 16:13).


1. bastard: is biblical. the holy bible has used it three times: deut. 23:2, zech. 9:6 and heb.12:8

2. stud: a slang used for a man considered to be excessively virile. the term usually reserved for animal husbandry.

comforter to be a man

if i take the liberty of quoting the prophecy under discussion, with an emphasis on the pronouns, you will agree without any persuasion that the coming comforter was to be a man and not a ghost.

howbeit when he, the spirit of truth, is come. . he will guide you into all truth:

for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall

he speak: and he will show you things to come.

(holy bible) john 16: 13

please count the number of he's in the above verse. there are s-e-v-e-n! seven masculine pronouns in a single verse! there is not another verse in the 66 books of the protestant bible or in the 73 books of the catholic bible with seven masculine pronouns, or seven feminine pronouns, or with seven neuter genders. you will agree that so many masculine pronouns in one verse ill befits a ghost, holy or not!

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