when this point of the seven masculine pronouns in a single verse of the bible was mooted by the muslims in india in their debates with the christian missionaries, the urdu version of the bible had the pronouns presently changed to she. she. she! so that the muslims could not claim that this prophecy referred to muhummed (pbuh) — a man! this christian chicanery; deception i have seen in the urdu bible myself. this is a common trickery by the missionaries, more specially in the vernacular. the very latest ruse i have stumbled across is in the afrikaans bible, on the very verse under discussion; they have changed the word "trooster" (comforter), to "voorspraak" (mediator), and interpolated the phrase — "die heilige gees" — meaning the holy ghost, which phrase no bible scholar has ever dared to interpolate into any of the multifarious english versions. no not even the jehovah's witnesses. 1 this is how the christians manufacture god's word!2

1. jehovah’s witnesses: a christian sect which has contrived its own bible translation.

2. see "is the bible gods word?" and learn how the chrisitan has been interpolating his own prejudices in a book he claims to be from god.

nine masculine pronouns

the only other place an author has unknowingly used so many masculine pronouns for this mighty messenger muhummed (pbuh) is given below:

"his gentle disposition, his austerity of conduct, the severe purity of his life, his scrupulous refinement, his ever-ready helpfulness towards the poor and the weak, his noble sense of honour, his unflinching fidelity, his stern sense of duty had won him, among his compatriots. the high and enviable designation of al-am1n, the trusty."

"spirit of islam," by sayed amir ali. page 14

"al-amin," the faithful, the trustworthy, "even the spirit of truth" (john 14: 17). this expression is a figurative way of saying that speaking truth would be so characteristic of him that people would regard him as truth personified: exactly as jesus (pbuh) said about himself, "i am the way, the truth and the life . . ." (john 14: 6), that these noble qualities are personified in me. follow me! but "when he the spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth" (john 16: 13). then you must follow him! but prejudices die hard, therefore we must work harder. but believe me, with the laser truth that allah has given us, we can change the world with only a fraction of the energy that the christian is expending.

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