it is universally accepted in christendom, all orthodox christians who believe in what they call the holy trinity; that the father is god, the son is god and the holy ghost is god, but they are not three gods but one god. (?) let an erudite christian theologian, like the rev. dummelow tell us of this indivisibility, indisolubility of the christian's "triune" god. commenting on "we will come" of john 14: 23 he says —

where the son is, there of necessity is the father also, as well as the spirit, for the three are one, being different forms of the subsistence and manifestation of the same divine being. this passage illustrates that the persons of the holy trinity are inseparable, and contain one another.

please don't worry. you are not really expected to understand the above verbiage. in short the christian believes that the "three" (i beg your pardon, the christian says, "one!"), all the three are supposed to be omnipresent and omniscient and as such leads us to an amusing and ridiculous conclusion. jesus (pbuh) according to the christians agonized on the cross at calvary. being "inseparable," the father and the holy ghost also must have agonized with the son, and when he died, the other two died with him! little wonder we hear the cry in the west — "god is dead!" don't laugh. all this imposes on us a more sombre responsibility of extricating our christian brethren from the spiritual quagmire into which they are wallowing.

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