2. the roman empire has been defeated

in a land close by;

but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious —

within a few years. with god is

the decision,

in the past and in the future:

on that day shall the believers rejoice —

(sura rum) holy qur'an 30: 2-4

the above prophecy was revealed to the holy prophet muhummed (pbuh) in the year 615/16 of the christian era. the christian empire of rome had lost jerusalem to the persians, and christianity had been humbled in the dust. in this holocaust between two of the superpowers of the day, the mushriks (polytheists) of makkah derived vicarious pleasure in the discomfiture of the romans by the pagan persians.

"the pagan arabs naturally sided with the persians in their destructive zeal, and thought that the destruction of the christian power of rome would also mean a setback to the message of the prophet, the true successor to christ. ... while the whole world believed that the roman empire was being killed by persia, it was revealed to him that the persian victory was short-lived and that within a period of a few years the romans would conquer again and deal a deadly blow at the persians."
abdullah yusuf ali (commentator on the english translation of the holy quran)

within ten years of the revelation of this divine prediction, the prophecy was fulfilled!

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