the arab christians in the middle east, not to be outwitted, launched a sixteen-year project lately and produced selected portions of the new testament in arabic, with a wholesale borrowing1 of words and phrases verbatim from the arabic qur'an. it is an ignoble attempt! in this un-ashamed plagiarism, every chapter of this new arabic new testament of theirs begin with the first verse of the holy qur'an —

in the name of allah, most gracious, most merciful.

(sura fatiha) holy qur'an 1:1

can you beat that?

there are many more challenges and prophecies in the holy qur'an and in the ahadith (traditions of the prophet) which can be expounded. it is a neglected field. perhaps books can be written on the subject. i trust that muslim scholars will take up the challenge. but let me end this theme of prophecy with one last reference from allah's kalaam (the book of god).


1. "he who goes borrowing, goes a sorrowing!"

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