(e) it is he who has sent his messenger with guidance and the religion of truth.
that he may proclaim it over all religion.
even though the associators may detest (it).

(sura safe) holy qur'an 61:9

within decades the above promise became true. islam prevailed. the two superpowers of the day, the persian and the roman empires crumbled at the hands of the muslims. and for centuries the power of islam predominated — from the atlantic to the pacific.

alas, the muslims are in the doldrums today. but fear not, the world of islam is arising. there is hope. even non-muslim visionaries in the west have predicted its destiny to be in the skies.

"africa is a fair field for all religions, but the religion which the african will accept, is a religion which best suits his needs: and that religion, everyone who has a right to speak on the subject says is islam."

"the shape of things to come" kg. wells

"if any religion has a chance of conquering england, nay europe within the next hundred years, that religion is islam."

george bernard shaw

without any real effort on the part of the muslims, we are told by the westerners themselves that islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. i hope, this pleasant news does not lull us to sleep. the promise of god is true, the destiny is there, only a little exertion is required on our part. allah can transform nations and peoples by his own will, but he has given us the privilege of serving his deen by personal self-sacrifice. to be an effective soldier in this battle, arm yourself with john 16: 7 in one or more languages, and watch how allah fills you with more knowledge. it is our destiny to master, supercede and bulldoze every ism, never mind how much the unbeliever may be averse to the message of islam.

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