and mention in the book, the story of mary, when she withdrew from her people to a place in the east.

and she placed a screen to screen herself from them;

then we sent unto her our spirit, that appeared to her as a man in all respects.

she said. "i take refuge in the all-merciful from you, if you fear allah ..,"

he said, "i am but a messenger come from your lord, to announce to you the gift of a holy son."

she said, "how can i have a son, seeing that no man has touched me, and i am not unchaste?"

he said, "even so your lord has said:

'easy is that for me, and that we may appoint him a sign unto men and a mercy from us; it is a thing decreed'."

so she conceived him, and withdrew with him to a distant place ...

(sura maryam) holy qur'an 19: 16-22

at the present moment a billion muslims throughout the world accept the immaculate conception of jesus (pbuh) on the authority of muhummed (pbuh) alone. jesus (pbuh), his mother mary and the whole christian world can never thank al-amin the spirit of truth, enough.

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