the jewish charge of the illegitimacy of jesus (pbuh) and the adultery of mary is referred to here as an insinuation of the jews, questioning mary's chastity. the holy qur'an does not stoop down to even reproducing the actual monstrous slander. now compare this quranic terminology with what the erudite and famous rev. dummelow, backed by no less than a team of sixteen christian divines, all reverends and d.d.s; as to their choice of words in recording the calumny of the enemies of christ:

the jewish talmud1sts said, ‘the son of the adulteress' (i.e. of the virgin mary) brought magic out of egypt. by cuttings which he had made in his flesh.’ ‘jesus practiced magic and deceived. and drove israel to idolatory.’ it is interesting to notice that mahomet indignantly repudiated these jewish calumnies." (emphasis added)

dummefow's bible commentary page 668

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