josh me dowell. described as a graduate of wheaton college and magna cum laude graduate of talbot theological seminary, and who is reputed to have spoken to more than five million students and faculty at over 550 universities in 53 countries, seems to have done more research than the whole galaxy of biblical scholars mentioned above, on the subject of the jewish talmud regarding the birth of his "lord."

in his book"evidence that demands a verdict," just to prove that jesus (pbuh) was not a myth but a historical person, he quotes extensively from the jewish talmud without any inhibitions. i give you below a few brief excerpts from pages 85/86 of his book.

"tol’doth yeshu. jesus is referred to as ‘ben pandera.’ "1


"r. shimeon ben azzai said (concerning jesus): ‘i found a genealogical roll in jerusalem wherein was recorded, such-an-one is a bastard of an adulteress.’ "

joseph klausner adds to the above:

"current editions of the mishnah, add: to support the words of r. yehoshua' (who in the same mishnah, says: what is a bastard? everyone whose parents are liable to death by the beth din). that jesus is here referred to seems to be beyond doubt..."



1. "ben pandera:" means – son of pandera. a roman soldier alleged by the jews to have raped mary to produce her illegitimate offspring. (god forbid!) may he forgive us for even reproducing such blasphemies.

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