josh mcdowell the great evangelist, "born-again" christian; worshipper of christ, filled with the holy ghost (?) lolls his tongue when quoting calumnies of the enemies against his lord and god — jesus! and the christian world laps it up. his books are bestsellers in christendom. a taste for filth and insults has been created in the votaries of christ. i refuse to quote further from that filthy narration. if jesus (pbuh) has such devoted friends (?). what need is there for him to have enemies.

muhummed (pbuh) really was the true friend, the comforter, the helper, the advocate, the glorifier, the testifier of these prophecies in john chapters 14, 15 and 16. let me repeat the ungrudging tribute of his enemies to this benefactor of jesus (pbuh) his mother mary and humanity at large: "it is interesting to notice that mahomet1 indignantly repudiated these jewish calumnies." (rev. dummelow and his associates).


1. "mahomet": it is a pity that scholars of christianity of the highest eminence still misspell the name of the holy prophet, even at the end of the twentieth century.

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