all the testification and glorification by this "another comforter," does not placate the christians. because muhummed (pbuh) did not pander to their prejudices. to them glorification meant to deify jesus (pbuh) — to make him into a god. instead of solving their dilemma whether jesus (pbuh) "died" on the cross as a man, or as a god? they have now invented a trilemma. a word not to be found in any dictionary in the world. josh mcdowell the travelling representative for campus crusade for christ international, in his book — "evidence that demands a verdict," actually uses his new inspired (by the "holy ghost"?) conundrum1 for his chapter 7 — "trilemma -lord, liar or lunatic?" you have now guessed it! the three l's! he wants his readers to answer whether jesus christ is your lord (god), or was he a liar, or a lunatic? very ingenious, you will agree! no muslim could utter that jesus christ was a liar, or a lunatic: then what? its more than any dilemma! it’s actually blasphemy of the highest degree. but he is blinded by his preconceived notions. roger bacon, the philosopher who was bom too soon, rightly said: "it is easier for a man to burn down his own house than to get rid of his prejudices."


1. conundrum: a puzzling problem or question admitting of no satisfactory solution.

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