to say of any man that he is god, the "begotten" son of god, or that his father is god; is not an honour but an insult. a french peasant understood this distinction better than the millions of erudite christian scholars walking the earth today.

it is reputed that louis xv, king of france was a very lecherous person. no woman was safe from his debaucheries. after his death, when his son was well settled on the throne, a rumour spread around paris that an exact duplicate of the young king was seen roaming about the capital. the king was naturally intrigued to see his double. it did not take the king’s men long to have the rustic from the countryside presented before the king. the king was amused by the stark resemblance to himself and his late father. he was tickled to have a dig at the poor farmer. he politely asked. "did your mother ever visit paris during my father's reign?" "no!" the rustic replied, "but my father did!" this was a death-knell for the king, but he had asked for it!

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