the rank hatred of the jews which lead them to slander jesus and his mother is bad, and the over infatuation of the christians for christ is also bad. muhummed (pbuh) the messenger of god condemned both these extremes, and elevated jesus (pbuh) to his true status, as the messiah, a great prophet and reformer. love him, respect him, revere him, follow him; but do not worship him! for worship is due to god alone, the father in heaven: allah!'

this is true glorification — for,

"he shall glorify me!"

john 16:14

historically, morally and prophetically, muhummed (pbuh) the last and final messenger of god, "the spirit of truth," is the only one to guide mankind into all truth. he is pre-eminently the natural successor to christ.

your further inquiries, comments and criticisms are welcome. don’t just sit there, for the sake of god, act now!

ahmed deedat

(servant of islam)

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