dear reader, it has been suggested that some christian propagandists might lure you from your exposition of the preceding pages, by dangling before you the "pentecostal" experience.

pentecost was a jewish festival day celebrated on the fiftieth day after the beginning of corn harvesting. the jews gathered in jerusalem from far and wide for the feast peter with "the eleven"1 together with others were in one place, when suddenly they heard the roaring of a mighty windstorm in the skies above them where they were sitting. this electrified the people and they began to "speak in tongues," in dialects and languages foreign to themselves. some marvelled while others mocked, saying, "they're drunk, that's all!" it reminded them of the "babbling" at babel (genesis 11:9).

the christian missionaries contend that that was the fulfilment of what jesus (pbuh) had prophecised in john chapters 14, 15 and 16. astounding as the whole drama may sound, peter, the one, the master had appointed to "feed my lambs .. . feed my sheep" (john 21: 15-16), rose to defend the disciples, saying. "these men are not drunk! it's much too early for that! people don’t get drunk so early in the morning!"

but this is that which was spoken by the prophet joel .. 2

(holy bible) acts 2: 16

pentecost was the fulfilment of the prophecy of the prophet joel and not of any predictions of jesus (pbuh). christendom believes that peter was inspired to record the same. both obviously tickled by the holy ghost! not a single word3 is recorded anywhere as to what these apostles of christ had babbled or murmured on pentecost day, yet as to the comforter, he was to guide mankind "into all truth!" proving once again that the comforter is not the holy ghost!


1. "the eleven" (acts 2: 14). no bible commentator dare discuss as to who these eleven were, because judas the traitor was long since dead. the holy ghost failed to inform luke. that at best there could only be ten beside peter and not eleven!

2. "prophet joel:" in "the new english bible." published by the bible societies in association with the oxford university press in their fourteenth impression of 1984, expunged the name joel, without an apology. he was too insignificant (?) a prophet, having written only two pages in a thousand of the bible. if christendom can edit out names of their own prophets, what will they not do to names like ishmael and ahmed?

3. on the contrary, hear what muhummed (pbuh) the comforter uttered in his trances in fulfilment of the prophecies. see the holy qur’an online.

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