Chapter 105: Prohibition of Eating two Date-fruits Simultaneously

Article translated to : العربية

742. jabalah bin suhaim reported: we were with `abdullah bin az-zubair (may allah be pleased with them) in a time of famine, then we were provided with dates. (once) when we were eating, `abdullah bin `umar (may allah be pleased with them) passed by us and said: "do not eat two dates together, for messenger of allah (pbuh) prohibited it, unless one seeks permission from his brother (partner).''
[al-bukhari and muslim].

commentary: this hadith has a lesson for today's muslims whose majority seems to be ignorant of good manners. it is commonly seen at feasts that somebody, unconcerned about others around him, will be engaged in filling his own plate with food. such a greed of eating is against the prophet's teaching and guidance which inspire us to have a due regard for others and not to serve our own purpose alone.

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